First steps with WheelScanner
  • Who are we ?
  • WheelScanner is a new used vehicle inspection solution that allows you to buy your car or motorcycle with confidence! The site was designed in 2015 by a network of automotive inspectors who wanted to develop a platform to directly connect inspectors and customers by avoiding intermediaries. The whole team is delighted to welcome you on our pages.
  • Registration and identification
  • To be able to use our services, order an inspection or become an inspector, you must create your personal account. To do this, go to the home page, click on "registration" and let yourself be guided. It's very fast, and you will not need a lot of information. A few clicks and go! You will receive an email that will allow you to remember your login informations.
    If however you forget them, do not hesitate to click on "forgotten password" so that we can transmit it you again.
  • Discover your dashboard and your profile
  • As a Customer, your dashboard allows you to:
    - Order a report
    - Track your orders
    - Consult your available reports
    - Evaluate available reports
    - Print your bills
    - Manage your personal information
    - Manage your payment preferences
    - Apply to become an Official Inspector

    As an Inspector, your dashboard allows you to:
    - Manage your inspections and consult the history of your income.
    - Upload your inspection reports
    - View the customer evaluation.
    - Manage your status (online / offline) to enable or disable inspection alerts.
    - Change your personal information and payment information.
    - Apply to become certified.

    We hope it will give you complete satisfaction!
  • Why use WheelScanner
  • 1 / A saving of time:
    If you are pre-selecting vehicles, do not waste time traveling but take advantage of our network already on site.

    2 / More choices:
    Expand your vehicle search area in just a few clicks to other regions. You will only move when you are absolutely certain that the vehicle meets your expectations.

    3 / An expert opinion:
    It's not every day that you buy a vehicle. Inspection is an exercise that can be complicated and the consequences can be very expensive. Our experts are specialized in this field, they take care of inspecting vehicles every day. Rest on their skills.

    4 / The guarantee of an excellent negotiation:
    The possibility of having a "professional" and "objective" opinion on the state of a vehicle, to know its strengths and its faults is essential to negotiate the right price of the vehicle.
  • Can I use WheelScanner as a professional?
  • Of course, whether you are professional or private, you are welcome to join us!
Are you a customer ?
  • To order
  • To make your order in the best conditions, make sure to:

    - Have the main characteristics of the vehicle (make / model / year).
    - Possess the full contact details of the owner (phone or email and the address).
    - Contact the owner of the vehicle and get his approval for the inspection
    - Then go to your customer area and let us guide you in order to place your order.
  • How much does it cost ?
  • We offer 3 types of reports, tailored to your needs. Rates are mentioned on the main page.
  • What does the report include?
  • The report includes a large number of photos of the entire vehicle: bodywork, sills, interiors, rims, tires ... Everything goes! As well as a check list with comments that allow you to judge from a distance the overall condition of the vehicle. A driving test is also carried out.

    Please be aware that in some rare cases, we cannot allow the road test of the vehicle. This is the case, for example:
    - If the vehicle to be inspected is not insured
    - If the weather conditions are extreme
    - If the vehicle is in a state that does not allow safe driving (brake problems, damaged structure, or any other problem seriously affecting the integrity of the vehicle).
  • Do you perform an engine's cylinder compression test?
  • Each item inspected is listed into the reports compare table. This test is not included into our generic reports due to liability issues (like any other test that require the removal of parts from vehicle). During the test drive, such engine internal issues can be detected. To be sure about the engine condition we suggest the oil analysis.
  • Cancel an inspection
  • As long as your inspection has not been supported by one of the WheelScanner experts, you can cancel it at any time. You must send an e-mail via the contact form.
  • How can I know when the report is done?
  • Once our expert has conducted the driving tests, photos, and reviewed all the control points present in the report, you will receive an email telling you that your report is available. Then go to your personal space to consult it!
  • Report a problem
  • You can contact us anytime from the homepage of our site. To do this, use the contact form, or directly the email indicated in contact.
  • Evaluate your inspectors
  • Once your report is received, and for the expert to be paid, you must note your level of satisfaction from your personal space. This helps maintain the quality of service, encourages the experts to always satisfy you better!
  • Inspection of a vehicle abroad
  • Before importing a vehicle in USA, check first if the vehicle is matching your expectations in few clics.
    WheelScanner is also present in France: You can order an inspection directly on the french website or you can contact us and we will transmit your order internally.
Are you an Inspector ?
  • How to become an inspector?
  • It is very simple ! Go to your client area, then in the drop-down menu, at the top right, click on "become inspector".
    Then you just need to fill in your profile and your Paypal ID. We only use Paypal to guarantee the security of our transactions.
  • How to receive requests for inspections?
  • Once registered, you will receive any new request for inspection on the email you have entered. If you are absent, you can disable notifications from your client area at any time.
  • Your responsibilities as an inspector
  • Once an inspector has agreed to execute a report, he or she commits to:

    1 / contact within 24 hours of acceptance of the Ad, the Vehicle Owner to schedule an appointment;
    2 / Go to the appointment set by the Owner and this by his own means;
    3 / Carry out the Vehicle Inspection according to the elements mentioned in the Inspection Report;
    4 / Conduct a driving test if this test is required in the Inspection Report;
    5 / Completely complete the Inspection Report chosen by the Customer and enter a comment on the general condition of the vehicle inspected.
  • How long do I have to do the inspection?
  • You have 5 days to complete the inspection. Beyond that, it will automatically be attributed to a new expert.
  • Can I refuse an inspection?
  • Absolutely. You are entirely free to accept or refuse an inspection based on your availability and your desired range of action.
  • Being paid?
  • Once you have submitted your report, it is sent to the client for evaluation. You can then make the payment request via your personal space. The funds will then be transferred to your PAYPAL account.
  • To report a problem
  • You can contact us anytime from the homepage of our site. To do this, use the contact form, or directly the email indicated in contact.