Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection Service

You can purchase a used car at a significantly cheaper price than of a new one. It is easy to find a luxurious used car with the same price tag as a new hatchback. Buying a used car is cheap; however, there is a significant amount of risk associated with it. Purchasing this car is a risky deal especially when you do it without any sort of pre-purchase vehicle inspection. At Wheel Scanner, we have the necessary experience as well as tools to perform a complete pre-purchase auto inspection.

We Help You Assess the Best Price

Our vehicle inspection services allow you to assess the best price of the vehicle for yourself. It is possible that you might have to invest a considerable amount of money in getting the vehicle repaired after the purchase. We help you minimise these costs by helping you evaluate them in a pre-emptive manner.

By finding out what is wrong with the vehicle during the pre-purchase vehicle inspection services, we can help you drive the price of the vehicle in your favour. You can easily save thousands of dollars with the right evaluation of vehicle.

A Complete Checklist of Evaluation Tests

You can always hire a friendly mechanic to perform the evaluation for you. However, the only problem associated with hiring a mechanic is that he/she will not follow a standardised procedure for the pre-purchase vehicle inspection. At Wheel scanner, we have created a comprehensive list of test procedures that allow us to look at all the different aspects of the vehicle for a wholesome test. These standardised checks allow us to test all the important components of the vehicle without fail.

Affordable Series of Tests

You do not have to spend a lot of money on hiring professional mechanics for the pre-purchase auto inspection anymore. Our evaluation services cost just over a hundred dollars. We evaluate over 80 different components of the vehicle to make sure that it is the best deal that you can get.

Car and Motorbike Evaluation

We can evaluate both used cars and used bikes for you. Checking each and every item all the way from the necessary documents to the condition of the vehicle itself is our number one priority. We also drive the vehicle to check its handling as well as mileage characteristics for you.

In-Depth Evaluation Services

It is not difficult for you to evaluate the cosmetic damages on the vehicle. However, it is always a good idea to hire a professional used car evaluation agency to thoroughly evaluate the internal mechanics as well as conditioning systems of the vehicle.

If you want the best deal on the purchase of a used car, get in touch with us today!