Sample Report - Motorbike

Summary of the inspection

The general condition of the bike is good. There is no particular while driving either, but some signs betray bad maintenance: The wear of the rear brake pads is well beyond the tolerance limit and the disc starts to be marked (a disc and brake pad change is now mandatory). The bike on the other hand suffered a fall (which was masked by painting the protection bars). A complete deep maintenance is urgently needed and that should be part of the final negotiation.

  Checked and OK

  May require future attention

  Serious issue

Vehicle Information

Mileage 14 447miles
Transmission (Auto/Manu) Manual
Number of keys 1
Has the vehicle been modified/customized? No
Date of first registration 6-24-2015
Vin numbers are matching (title & vehicle) OK


Maintenance book available and dully filled
Bills of previous repairs & maintenance
  No bill available but the vehicle is under constructor warranty
Owner manual of the vehicle

Tyres and Wheels

Size and manufacturer of the front tires Metzeler 120/70 R 19
Size and manufacturer of the rear tires Metzeler 170/60 R 17
Rims (no scratch or defect)
All tires are above tire wear indicator
  Both are a bit above tire wear indicator (cf pictures)
Brake disks
  Warning: Rear brake pad worn away. Brake discs and calipers are making contact. Full brake pad and disc set must be replaced urgently


Body Paint in good condition (no scratch , bump or dent)
  On the left side, the hand guard and the engine guard are damaged. Sign of a fall most probably at low speed.
Body paint is uniform
Rust (no visible area)
Front/Rear Headlights (good condition, no sign of condensation)
Door Mirrors are in good condition
Windshield in good condition
  The windshield is scratched on the top (0.5 cm long). Doesn’t impact visibility and safety.

Engine bay & Rocker Panels

Exterior aspect of engine (clean, no leak)
Battery terminals in good condition (not rusted)
Oil level
  Sight glass check OK
Hoses condition
  Some fins on the laft hand side radiator are damaged (cf pictures). Not critical.
Rockers panels (no sign of repair)
  Excellent condition
  Electric suspensions tests OK.
Exhaust pipe and muffler
  Exhaust pipe is like new. The bike has never been driven in wet conditions so far. Rare.


Seats are in good condition
  2 additional BMW seats are available (black or grey). Both are in very good condition.
Dashboard & plastics
Buttons / Electric commands

Tests with Ignition ON

Front low beam, high beam & turn signals working
Rear low beam, turn signals & backup lights working

Test drive

Start of the engine
Engine sound
  Shifter Pro Option: The shifter Pro enables upshifts and downshifts to be made without operation of the clutch. Very efficient!
Steering precision
Steering Performance
Dashboard gauges
Engine: Actual performance VS advertised performance
Clutch test (if any)
Braking test
Road handling
No abnormal noise when accelerating & braking
Engine temperature

Options checks

Liste des options:
  Shifter Pro, keyless start, comfort pack, touring pack, dynamic pack, Akrapovic muffler and 1 top case.