Sample Report - Premium

Summary of the inspection

All invoices are available from the date of first entry into circulation. The vehicle is in very good condition, well maintained externally and internally. However there are some imperfections to report on the body (see diagrams) and some wear parts to change as soon as possible as the wiper blades, battery and 4 tires which will certainly weigh a lot in the negotiation. The driving test confirms that the vehicle does not suffer from any apparent problem. Average consumption of 21.4 MPG since last refueling.

  Checked and OK

  May require future attention

  Serious issue

Vehicle Information

Mileage 161 765miles
Transmission (Auto/Manu) Automatic
Drive Type (FWD,RWD,AWD,4x4) 4x4 (Low & High range)
Fuel type: Gasoline/Diesel/Hybride/Electric Gasoline
Number of keys 2
Has the vehicle been modified/customized? No
Date of first registration 2/17/2007
Vin numbers are matching (title & vehicle) OK


Maintenance book available and dully filled
FBills of previous repairs & maintenance
  All invoices are available
Owner manual of the vehicle

Tyres and Wheels

Size and manufacturer of the front tires Michelin 275/45 R19 108 Y
Size and manufacturer of the rear tires Michelin 275/45 R19 108 Y
Rims (no scratch or defect)
  The front rims are both scratched (Long and deep scratches)
Tyre wear
  Tires are out of order. All 4 tires must be replaced immediately.
No abnormal tire wear on side
Brake disks
  The 4 discs and brake pads have been change a year ago. Invoice available.


Body Paint in good condition (no scratch , bump)
  Very small signs of scratches are visible on the body but it is in very good condition taking into account the vehicle age. (>10years). The body has been well maintained.
Body paint is uniform
Rust (no visible area)
Body panels alignment
Front/Rear Headlights (good condition, no sign of condensation)
Door Mirrors are in good condition
  Some small scratches on both side mirrors.
Rubber seals
  Very small impact on the paint of the rear left bumper. (cf diagrams)
Doors & trunk lock and unlock properly
Windshield (no chip or crack)
  Excellent condition. Has been replaced 2 years ago following a rock impact.
  The rear left window is scratched (very tiny scratched).
Display of body dents and cracks (see patterns at the end of report)

Engine bay & Rocker Panels

Exterior aspect of engine (clean, no leak)
Battery terminals (not rusted)
  Inspection impossible.Battery under driver seat.
Oil level
  Level OK
Hoses condition
Rockers panels (no sign of repair)
  Rockers in excellent condition. No sign of rust at all or impact on any part of the vehicle. Very clear rockers.
  Visually there in no sign of rust or any leak on suspension. No noise during the test drive.
Exhaust pipe and muffler


Open and close
  Automatic opening & closing is working perfectly.
Spare tire
  Spare tire has never been used. One 12V compressor available.
Car jack
  Jack, and anti-theft adaptor available for the wheels. Complete set for changing all wheels.


Head rests are in good condition
  Leather in excellent condition. Like new except the central head rest which is scratched.
Dashboard & plastics
Buttons / Electric commands
  Excellent condition. The interior condition of the vehicle is not showing any sign of wear. Owner very carefull.
Rear-view mirror
Interior smell is fine
  Non-smoking vehicle. No smell in particular inside the vehicle.
Pedals & steering wheel wear matching vehicle mileage
All windows open & close
Floor mats
  Floor mats like new everywhere inside the vehicle. Additional floor mat in the trunk.
Seat belts
Seats adjustments
  Automatic adjustments of the seat is working well on both seats.

Tests with Ignition ON

Front low beam, high beam & turn signals
Rear low beam, turn signals & backup lights
Front/Rear windshield washer
Essuie glace AV/AR
  Front wiper blades to be changed

Test drive

Start of the engine
  Battery is very weak. To be changed before the next winter.
Engine sound
Steering precision
Steering Performance
Dashboard gauges
Engine: Actual performance VS advertised performance
Clutch test (if any)
Braking test
Road handling
Hand Brake
  Parking brake OK
No abnormal noise when accelerating & braking
Engine temperature
AC test
Heater test

Options checks

Power steering yes
Power Window yes
GPS yes
Power Locks yes
Cruise Control yes
Back-up Camera yes
Heated seats yes
Other options
  Cruise control, dead angle warning system, 110V plug in the trunk, complete additional winter tyre set, automatic trunk opening.