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Why WheelScanner ?

WheelScanner allows you to get an inspection report for a used vehicle from $80.

During your search, our inspections will help you to avoid scams, and unnecessary trips.

Are you ready to buy? An inspection of the vehicle will allow you to make your final decision and better negotiate the purchase price.

When you deal with Wheelscanner, we provide you:

An independent inspection carried out by trained specialists.

An electronic report customized with criteria to assess the global condition of the car, comfort and price on the market.

A diagnosis of excessive wear or even minimal damage so you can negotiate the cost of repairs..

An access to an open and transparent platform that is among the most competitive in the current market.

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How It Works?

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3 Inspection steps

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3 Inspection steps

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WheelScanner Features

You Save Money and Time. You don't need to know about mechanics.
Novice in mechanics ?
Our mechanics will inspect for you the car and will send you the full report.
You Save Money and Time. You don't need to know about mechanics.
Buy at the right price :
Negotiate the price of the car based on each point of the inspection report.
You Save Money and Time. You don't need to know about mechanics.
Save time :
Inspect several vehicles at once and find the right deal in just a few clicks from home.
You Save Money and Time. You don't need to know about mechanics.
Save our planet :
Make the planet a little greener! Do not move if it is not necessary. Trust our network of experts.

Types of Vehicles Inspections and Prices

Car and Motorbike
Standard inspection $80
54 items checked
25 pictures
Cover the most important elements
Maintenance check
Inspection of documents and bills
Wheels and body condition
Seats, and dashboard
Heater & A/C
Inspection of security elements
Rust checking
Standard test drive
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Car and Motorbike
Premium inspection $110
80 items checked
40 pictures
Standard report plus :
Deep inspection of the vehicle
VIN number checks
Wheels and Rims check
Diagrams of body defects
Engine and accessible elements
Gobal wear evaluation
Steering, road handling
Braking test
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Car and Motorbike
Motorbike inspection $100
49 items checked
30 pictures
Modified elements list
VIN number check
Review of documents and bills
Tyres and brakes checks
Inspection of rust
Body general condition
Front and Rear lights
Exhaust and muffler condition
Full drive test
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About Us

WheelScanner Team

WheelScanner is a platform designed by a network of inspectors wishing to be in direct contact with customers, to guarantee them the best rates and a personalized service through several cars & motorbikes inspections.

Every vehicle on the second-hand market has vices (hidden or visible) and some will say that it's better to miss a good deal than to make a bad one. At WheelScanner, we think it's better to do a pre-purchase inspection for each vehicle and make the right decision!

Please do not hesitate to contact us, we look forward to hear from you.

Golden Rules for Car Inspections

1 - Get ready and don't go alone
Prior to inspection, do some research on the vehicle to be aware of well known issues.
In terms of tools, you must bring a least: a torch, gloves, inspection mirror and a camera.
Never go alone: You can be an expert in mechanics, if you are not trained to inspect cars everyday as our WheelScanner inspectors you might forget to verify crucial parts, or even not see something important that another person would probably see.

2 - Check the vehicle's documents
This step is very important for all pre-purchase inspections as it will tell you a lot about the owner and how he maintained his car: "A well documented car (history of previous repairs, maintenance etc...) is a well maintained car".
Ideally, the current owner should be willing to show you this information. If no document is available or very few, it is a serious concern. For more details check the first section of our sample reports.

3 - Check the vehicle's form
When inspecting a vehicle, you should be focused on any rust spot, dents or sign of previous damage. Verify also the tires condition. It is a crucial safety point.
It is also mandatory to get under the car and inspect any rust or again any sign of previous damage. Driving a car with a damage frame is extremely dangerous and it is expensive to repair.
Look for any spots on the exhaust system. Check for leaks everywhere.

4 - Verify under the hood
Engine compartment is critical. Check the belts and hoses, they should have no cracks. Check also for battery connectors (should not be rusted). Confirm that there is no leak around the engine. If you are concerned about engine condition, the only way to make sure it is healthy without dismantling any part is to do an oil analysis. This is an option that can be added to the premium report with WheelScanner. This test will reveal the general condition of the engine and indicate if there is any abnormal wear. We usually get the results within 10 days.
Please contact us and we will quote this additional analysis for you.

5 - Inspect inside of the vehicle
Compare the interior wear with the mileage. Focus on the steering wheel, pedals and seats. They will reveal is the mileage of the vehicle is correct or not. We have detected many odometers fraud thanks to our experienced inspectors.
The process to roll back the odometer on used cars equipped with digital readouts is available with a simple Google search and the tools needed to complete it are readily available online or at an auto parts store.
Check also the A/C, heater, audio system & smell (for instance a cigarette smell in the car will very long to disappear). Be aware that any plastic part which is damaged inside the vehicle will be hard to replace or very expensive.

6 - Driving test
The final check during this inspection, and probably most important is the driving test: check for any abnormal noise or vibration from the steering wheel (You should test the car up to 75mph to detect all problems). Operate the brakes, firmly, and verify for any vibration or deviation. Make U-turns to verify if any joints are due to be changed.

7 - Negotiate the price of the vehicle
If you have followed the above guidelines, you should be ready to make your decision. Remember that a good inspection will always reveal good and bad surprises. There is no perfect car, unless it is brand new.
If you are willing to buy the car, do not hesitate to bring into the negotiation of the price all above points that have been checked. Using WheelScanner, our experts will send you all pictures and comments from the inspection. You now have the keys of a successful negotiation.

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